The Teacher Lead Network provides educators with one-on-one coaching like you've never seen before. Beginning with coaching on their own instructional practices, members focus on four areas, culture of learning, essential content, academic ownership, and demonstration of learning. This is accomplished through lesson planning, coaches zooming virtually into the classroom, coaching calls, and guided reflection. The second phase of the one-on-one coaching is focused on our members developing the skills to mentor colleagues with the goal of positively affecting classrooms beyond their own.




Our members are a strong representation of Florida's teaching force. Members work in elementary, middle, and high schools in a variety of roles including teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators. The wide range of experiences and background help build a robust program that propels our members to the next level of their careers and impact. 


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Each year our newest group of distinguished educators join our alumni during the Teacher of the Year Roundtable in July. The teachers come together as a growing collaborative of Florida’s best teachers committed to positively impacting our state’s schools and districts. Through the Florida Teacher Lead Network, FTLN, we equip this talented group with resources and training to become leaders in their schools and improve outcomes in classrooms beyond their own.

2019 marks the fifth class of excellent teachers to join FTLN, building a growing network of exceptional educators supporting and mentoring each other to even higher levels of success and impact. 


Watching myself teach and reflecting on it with a partner helped me to think through the process. This was really beneficial in identifying areas for improvement and specific strategies to use in those situations.  The best part is that the goal was not to change my style, but tailor strategies to improve my instruction within my own stylistic framework. 

— Brandon Wright, 2017 Hernando Teacher of the Year