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Leading from the classroom

Jessica Solano and Christie Bassett share the creation of their teacher leadership program Leading from the Classroom. They will dive into the goals, application process, selection of materials, coaching skills, and the benefits of teacher created learning enviornoments.

Teacher lead network     

TNTP coaches work one-on-one with 30 of our Teachers of the Year over the course of one year. FTLN members focus on setting goals to improve their instructional practice and also to learn how to mentor a colleague. 

Socratic Seminars             

Learn how to incorporate Socratic Seminars, student led discussions, based on text, into any grade-level with Robin Diedrichs and Dana Kelly.  They will address the structure and format, benefits to students, and how to implement in your classroom. 



University of Michigan Men's Basketball

Austin survived two plane crashes that claimed five of his family members, and almost didn’t survive. After coming out of a two-month long coma, Austin had to learn to walk and talk again, but that didn’t stop him. Austin will share how the support of his family and Michigan’s Men’s Basketball team, along with growth mindset and a tremendous amount of grit has gotten him where he is today. 

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Steven Sanders

2014 Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice Winner

Steven is passionate about teaching the next generation that anything is possible with dedication and hard work, a message he shared for 7 years as a band director and advisor at UIC College Prep on the west side of Chicago. As a recent settler in New Orleans, he seeks to continue his educational goal by assisting schools in providing productive learning minutes for every student - 100% of the time. 

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In our world today, we are bombarded with 24/7 social media. How do we find a way to draw people in for a meaningful connection that transforms a casual conversation into one that inspires others? Join Diane McKee and explore powerful storytelling techniques and begin crafting YOUR unforgettable story. We all have a story; and that story needs to be told!

Be Awesome!

Jackie Harris was extremely honored and excited to be selected as the 2017 TOY for DeSoto County, however, was so overwhelmed at the thought of attending this conference. What will I wear? Will I get lost? How will I fit in with other big district teachers? So, due to my self-limitations,  I missed out on extraordinary information and experience. Learn how Jackie transformed her mindset and the mindset of her students and colleagues. 

ted masterclass

What happens when educators share their best ideas with each other? TED Masterclass is an online course and platform designed to help educators share their best ideas in the form of TED-style talks. Join Steph Ng for an interactive session that will help you discover and tell your best story.

Alumni only. 

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Watch the 2019 florida teacher of the year gala here: