Brandon Wright, 2017 Hernando Teacher of the Year

I felt three inches tall as I walked into the Teacher of the Year Roundtable in July and kept asking myself, “What am I doing here?”  I was in the presence of rock stars. I was blown away by the abilities and accomplishments of the superhuman teachers in my cohort. I may have been the Hernando County Teacher of the Year, but felt unsure as to why I had been chosen.  I decided I had two choices at that point, slink back to my hole feeling inadequate or accept the challenge to rise up and continue to improve!

Mark D. Peters, 2017 Brevard Teacher of the Year

As a teacher and coach for over 37 years I have always been eager to learn and grow. Teaching elementary, middle and high school students has stretched my teaching skills, but did not compare to how I would grow as the 2017 Brevard Teacher of the Year. Becoming a member of the Florida Teacher Lead Network, FTLN, provided me an opportunity to learn strategies to mentor my colleagues and advance my teaching skill set.