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Joy Prescott 

2019 Florida Teacher of the Year



Joy Prescott has been an elementary educator for 17 years. Since 2014, she has served as a fourth grade math teacher at Pemayetv Emahakv Charter School, where she has been commended for her dynamic teaching style; her ability to engage students through “out-of-the-box” activities; and her impeccable work ethic. Over the last 5 years, she has participated in more than 25 student-focused professional development programs to enhance the instruction she provides her students.

She is the school’s lead fourth grade teacher, which enables her to meet regularly with school leadership and her colleagues to discuss strategies that have been successful, as well as ways they can work collaboratively to improve every student’s educational experience. Prescott was instrumental in the school’s adoption of an app that helps teachers stay connected with one another and with students and their families. She also mentors new teachers, spends time after school tutoring struggling students and serves on committees that contribute to the overall school culture.




4th Grade mathematics

Pemayetv Emahakv Charter School

Glades county