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“Only through effective communication, equitable treatment, and relevant instruction, can we as educators continue to ELEVATE and motivate the next generation of world changers.”

- Dakeyan Cha' Dré Graham, Ph.D., 2020 Florida Teacher of the Year


life as a teacher begins the day you realize that you are always a learner. 


Christa McAuliffe, 9/2/1948 - 1/28/1986

Christa McAuliffe, 9/2/1948 - 1/28/1986

Our Mission

To honor and recognize excellence in teaching, support continued learning for all educators, and highlight the importance and impact of the profession. Selecting a Teacher of the Year is meant to celebrate the thousands of outstanding professional educators in Florida schools, not to single out any individual as the best teacher in Florida. As the Christa McAuliffe Ambassador for Education, the teacher of the year has four main objectives:

1.  Recognize and honor the contributions of Florida's teachers;

2. Create greater public awareness of Florida's exceptional teachers and the profession;

3. Inspire and motivate future and current teachers;

4. Enhance the personal and professional development of the teacher of the year candidates through professional learning opportunities.