Leveraging Skill, Passion to Meet Your Financial Goals By George Davis, Florida Business Acquisition Manager – Small Business Banking


Henry David Thoreau famously sought to “live deliberately,” moving to the woods to explore purpose, as depicted in his book Walden. He stated he wished to “live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.”

This focus on purpose is something I am fortunate to see in many teachers that impacted my life and the entrepreneurs I work with daily. In fact, I’m lucky to know someone who approaches both teaching and small-business ownership this way: my niece.

My niece is a very passionate person, and one who is always seeking fulfillment.

She decided teaching was the career path for her after being inspired by her work as a summer art counselor, being a “candy striper” at the local children’s hospital, and working with people who were hearing impaired. This, coupled with having dynamic, motivated teachers during her education, shaped her into a driven, passionate educator.

After getting married and progressing in her career, she determined it was time to refuel, and applied her passion for art to an entrepreneurial venture as an art therapist and merchandiser. She designed workshops for young adults who used canvases to tell their stories, as well as sold her own art and products.

To do so, she had to overcome challenges that came with starting a business like learning about pricing, designing a website, and figuring out how to market herself and her work.

With focus and passion, she persevered and was able to juggle both her teaching career and business by balancing priorities.

As you manage your own career and financial journey, you may consider turning a hobby into a “side” business during the summer months or explore additional work opportunities.

My niece’s journey is one I relay to show that it is possible to pursue a passion while balancing the realities of bills, responsibilities and life. Her story highlights a few things that can be very helpful:

·       Know your resources. One that we provide is the Hands on Banking® program, a free, online financial education learning program with resources for youth, adults, seniors, military, and entrepreneurs. It provides resources that can be helpful in providing tips to help effectively manage finances. Similarly, the content provided on WellsFargoWorks.com gives people considering entrepreneurship important lessons and tools to balance pursuing their passion with tackling potential challenges at no cost.

·       Find connections of experience. Look at your experience as a resource. Tying in interests and skills you already possess will make the work more fulfilling and inspiring.

·       Prioritize your passion. My niece emphasized that it was important for her to take on other opportunities that would be “life giving,” so that she could feel fulfilled and always have something to give.

As her story shows, prioritizing passion and integrating it into your efforts is the key to making those actions meaningful for you and those that you encounter.